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Finally, a Disability Tax Credit Application that fills itself out!

Looking to Simplify the Process of Applying for the Disability Tax Credit?

We have designed a way for Canadians and medical practitioners to fill out the most disliked form.

Without having to fill out that form.

It starts with a pre-qualifying questionnaire

We have designed the application for anyone with a qualifying disability to have their Disability Tax Credit application prepped for success.

Our web-based application makes the process:

  • Easier to apply

  • Simpler and faster for practitioners to review, edit & approve

  • More successful with a 98% success rate

  • No Doctor? No Problem!

    Upon completion of your application, just let us know you need assistance finding a medical practitioner. We will be pleased to provide a list of practitioners in your area that you can contact to find out if they are willing to review your medical records and sign your application provided you qualify.

    Please note that medical practitioners may also charge a fee to authenticate your application and maintain your medical records

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    What Sets Us Apart

    We are NOT a Disability Tax Credit Promoter Company

    We advocate for Canadians who qualify for the Disability Tax Credit and their Medical Practitioners

    We Simplify Disability Tax Credit Preparation for a Higher Degree of Success


    A seasoned team of experts each with over 20 years of experience


    Designed by a family doctor and other medical, legal, financial and technology experts

    Flat Fees Only

    We operate under the Disability Tax Credit Promoter Restrictions Act which came into force on Nov 15, 2021 but is tied up in court proceedings so that we can leave more money in the hands of the person with the disability and their supporting family members


    We collaborate with wealth management, legal and accounting firms and charities that support Canadians with disabilities

    Diversity & Inclusion

    We are an inclusive workplace that encourages those with disabilities to apply for job openings and we seek to help them save more effectively for their retirement

    Social Impact

    We are on a mission to help bridge the digital divide by assisting charities that are helping low income populations gain access to the web through the necessary hardware, internet services, etc. 

    How it works

    The process is simple so you don't have to worry about anything


    We start with a few questions to determine which activities of daily living you struggle with and the level of severity to determine if you are likely to qualify.

    Custom Online Application

    Once you are likely to be approved, we have you answer questions related to your disability, write your application for success, and provide a code for your medical practitioner.


    You provide your medical practitioner with the code, they login to review, edit, print and sign it in a fraction of the time it would have taken for them to complete your application.

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    Stay Informed and Empowered

    Welcome to the Benefits2 Event Calendar!

    We understand that navigating the Disability Tax Credit can be complex, and we're here to empower Canadians like you with knowledge and support

    Explore our calendar to find a lineup of informative and interactive events designed to help you make the most of this essential financial benefit

    Our Founders

    We are professional advisors ready to help you

    Christine Brunsden

    Christine is a professional estate, trust, elder planning and philanthropic advisor with more than twenty five years of experience in the trust and estate industry and a lifetime of experience with family members with disabilities.

    Dr. Wayne MacLeod

    Wayne is a family physician with an interest in helping Canadians with disabilities apply for the Disability Tax Credit. He started offering assistance because of the number of barriers and needless complications people faced while trying to access it.

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    About our company

    Our company is head-quartered in Burlington, Ontario and we service clients all over Canada. Since 2023, we have helped more than 1,200 people apply and be approved for the Disability Tax Credit.

    If you are a wealth management company, legal or accounting firm or a charity and you would like to collaborate to help more Canadians with disabilities that qualify to successfully apply for the Disability Tax Credit, let's talk!

    Prescription for Change &

    Social Impact